How to deploy the RAI assessment system

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Deploying the RAI assessment system requires that the organisation commit to using the RAI tools appropriately. The deployment requires the following actions from the organisation using the RAI system:

  • a decision that all clients will be systematically evaluated with RAI tools in the entire organisation or part of it
  • making a sublicense agreement with THL that entitles the organisation to use the RAI system
  • appointing one or more RAI contact persons in their organisation
  • acquiring a RAI software suite from a software supplier of their choice
  • verifying that its personnel can perform RAI assessments and use the RAI data appropriately.

The sublicence agreement entitles the organisation to use the RAI system

The free sublicence agreement made with THL 

  • entitles the organisation to use Finnish RAI instruments in Finland
  • obligates the organisation to submit all assessment data to THL
  • entitles the organisation to receive a feedback report drawn up on the basis of the assessment data
  • obligates the organisation to deliver up-to-date information to THL on the organisation’s structure and IDs of its operating units.

If your organisation belongs to a group, association or a larger organisation, the sublicense agreement should be made to cover the entire larger organisation.

To get the materials for making the sublicense agreement, please send a request to [email protected].

Procuring a RAI software 

The RAI assessment is recorded using dedicated software. The competitive bidding process and procurement of the software is the responsibility of the organiser or the producer of the services. The software suppliers charge fees for using their software. Provisions for support for the procurement of RAI software are included in central government transfers.

At present, software that supports RAI is available from RAIsoft Oy, Apotti Oy and Invian Oy.

Training on RAI is available in many forms

THL's free RAI Online learning courses teach you how to use the RAI system, what the principles of a RAI assessment are, using the RAI assessment data in the care of an individual and using RAI benchmarking data for developing services. 

In 2021–2023, THL will arrange train-the-trainer education for organisations that will deploy RAI assessment instruments. This education is free of charge. Central government transfers will contain provisions for support for attending the training (travel and deputy expenses). People who have completed the train-the-trainer education are qualified to teach the staff in their organisation to perform a RAI assessment and use RAI assessment data. More information on the train-the-trainer education will be posted on the RAI web pages towards the end of 2020.

Training for recording a RAI assessment and using RAI software is provided by the software suppliers Invian Oy and RAIsoft Oy as well as private companies. These training service providers charge a fee for the training.

The personnel of organisations that participate in a jointly funded RAI operation can apply for RAI Specialist Coaching Program arranged by THL.

Participate in benchmarking via a jointly funded RAI operation

An organisation that provides services for older people and the disabled can also participate in jointly funded benchmarking, if it so desires. 

Participation in jointly funded benchmarking supports the operations of the organisation’s directors and developers in particular. THL encourages organisations to engage in jointly funded activities.

Participants of jointly funded activities

  • get access to all benchmarking databases produced by THL, which allows the participants to make comparisons between regions and organisations, for example
  • can take part to the development of benchmarking databases and RAI activities
  • can apply for RAI Specialist Coaching Program organised by THL
  • receive a variety of support, for example for management by RAI data.

The annual financial contribution for participating in jointly funded activities depends on the size of the organisation.

To get the materials for making an agreement on jointly funded RAI benchmarking, please send a request to rai(at)

How are the costs shared?

The sublicensing agreement with the Finnish Institute for Health and Welfare entitles the organisation to use the RAI assessment instruments. The agreement is free of charge. THL also offers free training and support for the deployment of the instruments.

For more information, please contact rai(at) 


RAI Online courses teach you how to use the RAI system, the RAI assessment data and RAI benchmarking data for developing services. These online courses are in Finnish and available for everyone free of charge.
THL's Online Courses (in Finnish)


THL's RAI extranet (organisations' pages, password for the benchmarking databases) (in Finnish)

THL's RAI extranet for the software suppliers (in Finnish)

Note! You need a personal username to log into the databases. If necessary contact the RAI contact person in your organisation or rai(at)