Principles for safer events at THL

THL implements its strategy in all its activities, including events. As a pioneer of equality, THL wants to make its events safe and equal for all participants. Safer events improve the inclusion of vulnerable people and groups of people in particular.

The principles for safer events apply to THL employees and partners as well as the performers and participants of the event. The participants accept the principles when registering.

The principles are updated as necessary.

As a participant in an event

  • Do your part to make sure that everyone has the opportunity to speak and be heard in a conversation.
  • Try speaking in a way that is understandable to all participants.
  • Respect others’ experiences and self-concept. Do not generalise your personal experience to apply to other people or make assumptions about others' experiences, life situation or identity.
  • Do not harass anyone in words or by touching or staring at them.
  • Do not speak aggressively or use aggressive speeches concerning specific individuals targeted against those present at or absent from the event.
  • Change your behaviour if someone asks you to.

As an organiser of an event

Make sure that: 

  • the principles for safer events are applied as widely as possible in the planning of the event, for example by organising events in accessible spaces and communicating about the event in an accessible manner.
  • the performers at the event are informed of the principles, for instance in connection with the invitation to speak.
  • the organisers have agreed on how to act if the principles are violated.
  • the participants are told about the principles when registering.
  • during the event, disruptions are addressed appropriately.
  • feedback collected after the event provides an opportunity to comment anonymously on the safety and accessibility of the event. An effort will be made to investigate situations that may emerge afterwards so far as possible.
  • good practices related to the safety of the event are shared to other THL event organisers.

If you encounter harassment or other inappropriate treatment at a THL event

  • Ask the organiser of the event for help. The organiser is obligated to intervene in behaviour that violates the principles.
  • If it is possible, intervene in the harassment situation. Ask the harasser to stop and show your support to the person who experienced harassment.
  • You can also give feedback on the accessibility and safety of the event to the organiser of the event afterwards.