Accessibility of presentations at THL

The presentation material of THL’s events must be accessible if the intention is to publish it on the THL website or in our other channels.

It is the responsibility of the person preparing the presentation to take accessibility into account.

We do not check the accessibility of the presentations at THL. If the person who prepared the presentation does not confirm its accessibility, we will not be able to publish the presentation in our channels after the event.

When you are preparing a presentation for an event organised by THL, follow the instructions for the accessibility of PowerPoint presentations.
Accessibility of a PowerPoint file (

Also pay attention to accessibility in the presentation situation

You should also pay attention to accessibility in the actual presentation situation regardless of whether the audience are physically present or use remote connections.

When you are giving the presentation, explain the full content of your presentation slides and describe the content of the pictures and diagrams that are relevant to the presentation. Use clear and comprehensible language, and explain any abbreviations and difficult terms.