About the survey

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What is the Healthy Finland survey?

The Healthy Finland survey will provide reliable and up-to-date information on the health, well-being and service use of adults living in Finland, as well as on changes and future developments in these areas.

The results can be examined by age and gender as well as by the educational group and wellbeing services county. Municipalities that have ordered the paid additional sample will also have access to the results at municipality level.

The versatile and high-quality research data also promotes interdisciplinary top-level research.

Implementation of the survey

Permanent residents of Finland over the age of 20 will be invited to participate in the study.

The Healthy Finland survey consists of different surveys which vary from year to year. 

In even-numbered years, a large-scale survey is carried out to assess health, well-being and use of services, among other things. This data is used to produce an up-to-date snapshot of well-being in the regions. 

Every six years, the survey is accompanied by a comprehensive health check, including a range of measurements, blood sampling, questionnaires and additional tests for some of the participants, for example on alcohol consumption and oral health. 

In odd-numbered years, smaller national surveys and various additional surveys, such as additional municipal surveys and smaller health check-up surveys, might be carried out. 

The data collected in the questionnaires and health check surveys will be supplemented with data from national registers.

On-going studies

Utilisation of results

The data from the survey will be used to

  • promote the functional capacity and well-being of Finns;
  • develop social welfare and health care services in Finland;
  • study the prevention and treatment of diseases.

The research project will produce information on the differences in health and well-being between population groups and the reasons for these differences. Examining the use of, needs for and satisfaction with services and social security lays a foundation for developing social security as a whole.

In addition, the project will boost the international status of Finnish health monitoring and research and the related development work.In addition, the project will boost the international status of Finnish health monitoring as well as the research and development work based on it.

You can read the published results of the study here: Results of the Healthy Finland survey