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The Healthy Finland Survey provides comprehensive information on the health, well-being and service use of adults living in Finland. The data was collected in 2022–2023 using questionnaires and health examination measurements from mainland Finland and Åland. The results can be examined by age and gender as well as by the educational group and wellbeing services county.

The basic reporting of the results was divided into two parts. In spring 2023, indicators based on the questionnaire section were published by region in Statistics and Indicator Bank Sotkanet, in indicator tables and as a statistical report. Phenomenon reports were published online during autumn and winter 2023 (only in Finnish). In addition to the results, the phenomenon reports published on different topics contain an expert assessment and conclusions on the current state and future outlook. Press releases about the reports were also published in English.

Press releases and news

Questionnaire section results

The results of the questionnaire section can be found as indicators in the service and as indicator tables on this website. 

Indicators in the service

The indicator bank contains a wide range of indicators on the health, well-being and services of the population, including the indicators of the social welfare and health care cost-effectiveness (KUVA) and the monitoring indicators of several national programmes. The results can be examined by population group and by wellbeing services county.

Healthy Finland Survey indicators on the website

Indicators in tables (only in Finnish)

The indicator tables contain the results of each indicator by region and population group. The table page shows the results, 95% confidence intervals and a description of the formation of the indicator.

Indicator tables for the Healthy Finland Survey questionnaire section (in Finnish)

Statistical report

Selected key results for the questionnaire section were published in the statistical report. The statistical report also contains a quality report describing the sample for the Healthy Finland survey 2022–2023 as well as the data collection, material and methods of the questionnaire section.

The adult population’s well-being and health – Healthy Finland survey 2022. Statistical report 45/2023.

Statistics home page

The adult population’s well-being and health – Healthy Finland Survey 2022