Frequently asked questions

Is there anything you would like to ask about the KOTT survey? This page includes answers to frequently asked questions. If there is still something on your mind, you can contact use at: kott-info(at)

Why is the KOTT survey conducted?

The KOTT survey is a population study that aims to form an extensive view of the student population. Each respondent represents his or her age group and field of study, and no individual respondents can be identified from the results. The study produces comprehensive and topical data of student health and welfare, and the obtained data are used for purposes such as developing student health care services. The data can also be used for comparing student welfare with the rest of the adult population.

Who can participate in the study?

12,000 students aged 18–34 completing an basic degree across Finland have been randomly selected for this study. Students from both universities and universities of applied sciences have been invited to participate. The students invited to participate in the study have been selected from the CSC’s VIRTA database. All participants receive an invitation to participate and instructions on responding.

How do I respond?

If you have been selected to participate in this study, you can respond by filling out the questionnaire online using the ID you received by email in connection with the invitation to participate. For more detailed instructions on responding, see the invitation email.

Can I be identified based on my responses?

Your responses are processed confidentially and under no circumstance can they be linked to any of your individually determined social security benefits or services, such as financial aid for students.

Your data will be processed fully confidentially and in compliance with the Privacy Protection Act in all stages of the research process. No personal details are included in the research files and statistics; instead, these use a different research number. It is not possible to identify information provided by individual respondents or anyone's identity based on the research findings. Researchers also have a statutory duty of non-disclosure.

The original research data will be permanently stored at the Finnish Institute for Health and Welfare. Regular disclosure of information will not be carried out based on the respondents’ data and the data will never be disclosed outside of the EU or EEA. 

I have decided to not participate in the survey after all. However, I have already answered a few questions. What can I do?

You can withdraw from participating in the study at any point by contacting us at: kott-info(at)

Why is register data combined with the responses?

For its research data, THL complements the information provided by you with data collected from administrative registers. Such data includes information related to the treatment of illnesses, doctor’s appointments and income support.

Register data is used to reduce the respondent’s workload, as the survey form can be shortened by leaving out the questions to which the answers can be obtained from registers. 

For example, register data can be used to examine whether the health services received by students are sufficient and meet their needs. This information is required for dimensioning and developing the health services provided by the FSHS, among other things.

What is person’s identification data?

The person’s identification data means your personal identity code, name, date of birth, email address, telephone number and gender.

How do I participate in the prize draw?

You are automatically entered into the prize draw after filling out the questionnaire and submitting it. You will be entered into a draw for 20 Tiketti gift vouchers worth EUR 100.

How long does it take to fill out the questionnaire and what are the questions about? 

The questionnaire includes around 90 questions, and responding to them takes around 20 minutes. None of the questions are difficult, but they concern daily life issues, such as lifestyle, health and studies. 

I do not wish to respond to the survey, but my friend would like to do it instead. Can I give my participant IDs for this person?

While responding is voluntary, those invited cannot be replaced by anyone else.