Quality reporting of the Vaccination Register (COVID-19)

Described herein is THL's open data set, which contains information on the number and quality of vaccination information received in the THL Vaccination Register. The material is published through THL's open data API and THL's data cube reporting entity.

With the help of the API, it is possible to implement, for example, automated checks of data deliveries or reports. The data cube allows the data to be viewed in tabular view. 

The target groups of the material are organisations providing information and information system suppliers.

API address: https://sampo.thl.fi/pivot/prod/fi/vaccreg/uptake/fact_uptake.json

Material subject: vaccreg

Material name: uptake

Description of THL’s open data API

THL's open data license and limitation of liability

Description of the data

The material contains the vaccination entries in the Vaccination Register. The dataset contains all reported vaccination information, so it is possible that the same information has been reported from several different organisations. Therefore, the data should not be used to estimate the number of vaccinated individuals or the coverage of vaccination.
Information on the Vaccination Register


Indicator Indicator ID Description Source
Number of vaccination entries NVAC Number of vaccination registrations entered into the Vaccination Register. Contains all entries from different organisations (excluding updates). THL 
Vaccination Register
Batch number entry rate ERAKIRJ How many entries contain the batch number of the vaccine. Share in percentages.

Vaccination Register


Dimension Dimension ID Level Level ID Root node ID (SID) Description
Service provider vacregpaltu Service provider (TOPI) paltu 514346 Name and code of the establishment that sent the vaccination record. 
Vaccine vaccine Vaccine vaccine 514365 Abbreviation of the so-called generic name of the vaccine. 
Region  hcd Hospital district hcd 515488 Hospital district derived from the municipality of the organisation involved in the vaccination distribution, in accordance with Statistics Finland's current regional division. Municipal information is managed primarily on the basis of the organisational register and secondarily on the basis of the service provider register.
Time yearweek Year year 515647 ISOyear. Year corresponding to the ISO week. 
- - VWeek week - Week corresponding to the day of the vaccination visit (ISO standard numbering).


API logic

Via the interface, data can be retrieved in either CVS or JSON-stat format.

The API is built on dimensions, which are divided into <dimensionidentifier> - <nodeidentifier> (id-sid) pairs. Of these, the id is text and the sid is a number series. They are separated with a hyphen (-).  By selecting one or more id-sid pairs, the view that is under review is selected.

You can find a JSON format list of all available id-root pairs at: https://sampo.thl.fi/pivot/prod/fi/vaccreg/cov19cov/fact_cov19cov.dimensions.json

The actual data is available at: 

This address as it is will return the default data view. Calls are made to the API as follows: https://sampo.thl.fi/pivot/prod/fi/vaccreg/cov19cov/fact_cov19cov.json?row=<id1>-<sid1>&column=<id2>-<sid2>&filter=measure-<mittarin id>.

After the question mark the desired id-sid pairs are added for the row and column variables. The desired indicator is selected with the filter variable.

In addition to JSON-stat format, it is also possible to retrieve data in CSV format via the API. You can do this by replacing 'json' with 'csv'.

Further information on the JSON-stat format 

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Feedback on the THL cube interface and the open data API can be sent to:
tietojarjestelmat(at) thl.fi

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