Inclusion Research and Promotion

The Inclusion Research and Promotion Team

  • produces data on the experiences of inclusion among population groups and their links with various factors (e.g. health, welfare, culture, security, activity and poverty). Information is produced through research and co-creation.
  • develops operating models that strengthen inclusion and promotes a change in the operating culture in client work, management and decision-making. 
  • examines the effectiveness of existing operating models.
  • promotes the dissemination and uptake of proven models in services and decision-making, civil society, municipalities and regions. 

Team projects and activities

  • Coordination for Equal Inclusion (2023–2026) co-funded by the European Union (ESF+).
  • The Icehearts longitudinal study (2015–2028) is underway at the Finnish Institute for Health and Welfare's Equality Unit as a joint project between the Mental Health Team and the Inclusion Research and Promotion Team.
  • Developing The Family Centre Meeting Place operating model 

Completed projects and activities

  • Project to co-ordinate the promoting social inclusion – Sokra (2014–2023) together with Diak University of Applied Sciences. Funded by the European Social Fund (ESF).
  • Exceptional youth during the Covid-19 pandemic – Youth living conditions yearbook 2022


Anna Keto-Tokoi, Team Leader, Project Manager
Misha Henriksson, Senior Planning Officer| Expertise (in Finnish)
Anna-Maria Isola, Chief Researcher
Marjatta Kekkonen, Senior Researcher | Expertise (in Finnish)
Minna Kukkonen, Senior Planning Officer
Lars Leemann, Researcher
Erika Mäntylä, Senior Planning Officer
Marko Nousiainen, Senior Researcher
Taina Schneider, Specialist
Salla Valtari, Development Manager
Lotta Virrankari, Researcher

Staff email addresses are in the format: [email protected]

Contact information

Anna Keto-Tokoi
Team Leader, Sokra Project Manager
Tel. +358 29 524 7074
e-mail: [email protected]

Postal address
Finnish Institute for Health and Welfare
Equality Unit
Inclusion Research and Promotion Team
PO Box 30
00271 Helsinki, Finland