Primary health care

Description of statistics

The statistics on primary health care include data on primary health care activities derived from the Care Registers for Social Welfare and Health Care. The statistics contain data on service providers, population's service use, access to services, population's health problems, epidemic development, client's/patient's municipality of residence and gender, visits by age group, outpatient visits by service type, reasons for visit, procedures and follow-up care, medication and vaccinations as well as check-ups to promote the health of children, young people and pregnant women. Regarding patients on health centre wards, the statistics also contain data on the number of care days and periods of care as well as on the appropriate care place of patients.

The Notitia data collection on outpatient primary health care in the public sector was replaced in 2011 with an online data transfer using the Avohilmo Register and collecting data directly from patient records. THL produces online reports on the data thus received. The volume of data collected for the statistics has increased significantly since 2011 because now organisations submit data daily using personal identity numbers.

The statistics are published annually at end of the year. A statistical report, with data by regional state administrative agencies and hospital districts, is published every year from the statistics on primary health care.

Database reporting