Sterilisations 2022

Number of sterilisations decreased significantly

In 2022, the total number of sterilisations was approximately 2900 which was nearly 30 per cent less than in 2021. After the increase in 2021 (+8.5% compared to 2020) the decline in the number of sterilisations was exceptionally sharp.

Especially the number of female sterilisations has decreased substantially compared to the beginning of the 2000s and the number declined considerably also in 2022 (-39.5%). The number of male sterilisations also declined in 2022 (-24.4%).

he proportion of male sterilisations has increased during the 2000s. In 2000, only 17 per cent of all sterilisations were performed to men while in 2022 the share was 70.1 per cent. The decrease in the number of sterilisations after mid-1990’s can be attributed to, for example, an expanding range of contraceptives and postponing parenthood. The increase in the number of sterilisations after year 1985 is explained by the updated, more liberal legislation.

Women sterilised are on average younger than men sterilised: in 2022, the mean age for women was 36.3 years and the mean age for men 40.5 years.

For the 2022 data there are some known data quality issues for some hospitals, but the total number of procedures is in line with the data in the Hospital Care Register. However, the register coverage should be treated with caution.

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Sterilisations per 1000 persons aged 25–54, 1951–2022


Background information

Description of statistics

The statistics on sterilisations include data on legally performed sterilisations. The statistics include trend data from 1951 onwards. Since 1987, the data have been kept in an electronic database.

The data reported to the Registry of Sterilisations include, among others, outcomes of previous pregnancies, contraceptive method in use prior to sterilisation, grounds for sterilisation, method of sterilisation and early complications.

The statistics are published once a year and include data for the previous year.


Steriloinnit 2022
Steriliseringar 2022
Sterilisations 2022

Statistical Report 39/2023, 16th June 2022.
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