Congenital Malformations 2020

Prevalence of malformations has remained stable

In Finland, major congenital malformations were found in a total of 2,137 stillborn and live born infants in 2020. Malformations were diagnosed in 4.6 per cent of live born and 10.7 per cent of stillborn infants. Of infants who were stillborn or died during their first year of life, a total of 24.1 per cent were diagnosed with a congenital malformation.

The total prevalence of malformation cases (per births and terminations of pregnancy performed for fetal indications) was 531/10,000 births in 2020. In 2011—2020, the annual total prevalence of malformation cases was on average 538/10,000 births, or an average of 2,888 cases a year. 
In 2020, 338 pregnancies were terminated because of fetal malformations. The prevalence of terminations of pregnancy for fetal indications was 72/10,000 births in 2020, whereas this figure was on average 65/10,000 births a year in 2011–2020. Of major congenital malformation cases, approximately 12 per cent  were terminations of pregnancy for fetal indications in 2020, and this proportion has changed little in 2011–2020.

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Total prevalence of cases with major congenital anomalies (births and selective terminations of pregnancy) was 531 year 2020 and 525 year 2011.
Prevalence of cases with major congenital anomalies (1/10 000 births) in 2011–2020. (Births and selective terminations of pregnancy are included in the total prevalence)


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The Statistical Report contains information on births and foetuses with congenital anomalies. It includes numbers and prevalence rates for congenital anomalies, on an annual basis, both nationally and by hospital district. Statistics on all congenital anomalies are given in total, while certain anomalies, monitored internationally, are analyzed in more detail. Statistics on infant mortality associated with congenital anomalies and selective terminations of pregnancy are presented.

Data on congenital anomalies are gathered from hospitals, health-care professionals and other national health registers. Statistical data are used for monitoring congenital anomalies nationally and regionally, and among other purposes, for planning prenatal screening, diagnostics and treatment of congenital /  foetal anomalies as well as for conducting research on congenital anomalies.


Synnynnäiset epämuodostumat 2020
Medfödda missbildningar 2020
Congenital Malformations 2020

Statistical report 61/2023, 9th November 2023.
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