Assisted fertility treatments 2022–2023

More than one third of fertility treatments with donated gametes are already performed in the public sector

In 2022, the total number of assisted fertility treatments was approximately 14 650. According to the preliminary data for 2023, about 14 430 assisted fertility treatment cycles were started. This is 1.5 per cent less than the year before.

The number of assisted fertility treatments seems to have returned in 2022–2023 close to the level before the corona epidemic. In 2021, the number of treatments was excep-tionally high likely because of the release of backlog of health care services caused by the corona epidemic. However, the number of treatments with donor gametes seems to have stabilized at a higher level after the University hospitals begun treatments with donated gametes in 2020.According to preliminary data, the public sector performed nearly 26 per cent more treatments with donated gametes in 2023 than in 2019.

According to preliminary data, the public sector performed 58 per cent of all fertility treatments in 2023. As for fertility treatments with donated gametes, the public sector performed 37 per cent of treatments. Regarding treatments with donated gametes, the increase of the share of the public sector has been fast: in 2019, public sector’s share was only 0.5 per cent when treatments with donated gametes were performed only in special cases.

Of all the assisted fertility treatments performed in 2022, 17.2 per cent resulted in a birth. The proportion decreased slightly compared to the previous year. Approximately 2570 children were born as a result of the treatments, representing an estimated 5,9 per cent of all children born (6.2% in 2021).

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Public sector share of all assisted fertility treatments, % 2001-2023. 


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Hedelmöityshoidot 2022–2023
Assisterad befruktning 2022–2023
Assisted Fertility Treatments 2022–2023

Statistical Report 24/2024, 22nd May 2024
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