Nurses' views on digitalisation

Information system survey for nurses monitor nurses' experiences regarding for instance technical functions, participation in health and social care information system development and training. 

The survey on Information systems for registered nurse's was conducted in the spring of 2023 about three months after the wellbeing services counties had started. The wellbeing services county is a self-governing public entity responsible for organizing publicly funded healthcare and social welfare and rescue services in its geographical area of operation.

The electronic questionnaire was sent to the registered nurse's via Tehy and Finnish Nurses Association. Registered nurses in the public and private health and social services have responded to the survey. 

The respondents have reported about which wellbeing services counties one's main workplace is geographically located. Results can also be narrowed separately by employer sector to public, private or social care. 

With the summaries and in the cube, one can also focus on a choice, for example, according to the information system that the respondent mainly uses. 

With the summaries and the cube, one can also make choices, for example, according to the health information system or customer information system that the respondent mainly uses.

The results from 2023

The results are presented as database reports (summaries and cubes). They enable users to make their own selections from the materials.

  • Summaries refer to premade compilations of the key data of the topic.
  • Cubes enable a more versatile viewing of the data in accordance with the interest of the user. 
  • Instructions for using the database reports



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