Research and data

The Finnish Institute for Health and Welfare (THL) studies the health and welfare of Finland’s culturally diverse population. Data are collected by various means, including population surveys.

This page provides information about our research and data that pertain to this theme.

Cultural diversity in population studies

The survey results can be used, for example, in developing services that promote the population’s health and well-being.

Studies of foreign-born population in Finland

The health and welfare of people with a foreign background has been studied at THL since 2010. We seek to regularly produce data on the adult, foreign-born population covering topics such as health, welfare, work ability, functional capacity, experiences of discrimination and experiences of social and health care services.

The next round of data collection for the MoniSuomi study is planned for 2026.

Read more about studies:

Study of the health and welfare of asylum seekers

This study produced population-level data for 2018 on the health and welfare of new asylum seekers, their health risk factors and their service needs. The target group was all recently arrived asylum seekers.
Developing the health examination protocol for asylum seekers in Finland: A national development project (TERTTU)

Study of the Roma population in Finland

This study produced population-level data on the welfare, health, functional capacity and work ability of the adult Roma population in 2018.
The Roma wellbeing study (Roosa) (in Finnish)

Cultural diversity in research of children and young people

Qualitative research

THL has conducted one-off qualitative studies on various themes. These themes have included, for example, the mental health of asylum seekers and people with a refugee background and the experiences of gender and sexual minorities.

Where can I find the research results?

The results of these surveys are presented on this website, in various reports, and in database reports.

Where can I find out more about the research data?

The entity responsible for data on immigration and cultural diversity at THL is the Data Team that operates within the Immigration and Cultural Diversity team.

Please contact us if you have questions on matters such as accessing data for research purposes.
Feedback for Immigrants and multiculturalism