Part 9: How to be a good ally to someone experiencing racism

In part nine, University Priest and Master of Theology Laura Late Mäntylä talks about being an ally for a victim of racism.

An ally is someone who is committed to combating discrimination, even though they do not belong to the minority that is experiencing discrimination. Allies must constantly reflect on their own actions, attempt to identify and recognise their own privileges, contemplate on how they may unconsciously contribute to upholding racist structures, and find ways to do better in the future.

Mäntylä encourages everyone to be an ally: everyone can be an anti-racist. Non-discrimination and equality will only be advanced when enough allies join the fight against discrimination.

Materials supporting learning

Key concepts:

  • ally
  • visible minority
  • psychological safety
  • call in
  • call out
  • a safer space

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Reflect on the following questions:

  • How does a good ally work?
  • What does being an ally mean?
  • How is psychological safety defined?
  • What does a safer space mean?
  • As an ally, how do you need to process the feelings you may have?
  • How can you as an ally build safer spaces?