Introduction to the online course on anti-racism

In the introduction video, the host Jani Toivola welcomes viewers and listeners to the lecture series called Anti-racism in society and working life.

The series consists of 16 expert contributions that provide information, figures, and views on racism, anti-racism, and equality. The contributions focus on norms and structures, without forgetting that structures are always shaped by people and individuals. Toivola talks about being “the only one in a room”. 

Materials supporting learning


Questions for reflection

  • What kind of rooms are there in our society, and for whom are they built? What is it like to be in them?
  • Are there still individuals in our society who are “the only ones in a room”, or does everyone have an equal opportunity to belong to the group?
  • What can we do to ensure that the rooms of our society will be open to everyone? We all have an opportunity and duty to take a stand and be part of the battle against racism.