Part 11: Anti-racist leadership

In part eleven, Head of Strategy Ari Evwaraye discusses anti-racist leadership.

In view of everyday safety, racism and discrimination have a crucial impact on the safety of racialised people and national minorities. A sustainable society is an anti-racist one, where the leaders take a central role in anti-racist work. Anti-racist leadership means that the leaders ensure, promote, and enable a situation where our joint actions reduce racism in the community.

An anti-racist leader has four roles: ruler, seer, servant, and warrior. A diverse work environment is a more efficient, innovative, and comfortable workplace for everyone.

Materials supporting learning

Key concepts:

  • anti-racist leadership
  • discrimination
  • racism
  • safety
  • a safer space
  • allies

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Reflect on the following questions:

  • What kind of leader do you have in your work community?
  • Based on Evwaraye's examples, which type of leader would your work community need?
  • Evwaraye describes the four roles associated with leadership, namely the ruler, seer, servant, and warrior. What kind of added value would this type of leadership bring to your work community?
  • How can you implement these roles in your work?