Part 12: Anti-racist workplace

In part twelve, Equality Expert and Educator Javiera Marchant Aedo discusses anti-racist work communities and the employees’ responsibility in achieving an equal work environment.

Every employee has the obligation and responsibility to actively engage in anti-racist work. On the video, Marchant Aedo lists concrete measures that each of us can take to promote equality in our work community. To be considered an equal and anti-racist environment, the workplace must enforce the principles of a safer space, have in place an organisational process for addressing racism, and have a designated contact person for harassment cases. Commitment to the principles of safer spaces benefits the entire work community.

Materials supporting learning

See Javiera Marchant Aedo’s slideshow (pdf 1 KB)

Key concepts:

  • power
  • principles of a safer space
  • othering
  • tolerance
  • tokenism
  • hate speech
  • inequality
  • equality
  • anti-racism

Read more about the key concepts.

Reflect on the following questions:

  • What can you do at your own workplace to contribute to the equality of the work environment?
  • What kind of concrete anti-racist measures can you take?
  • How can you be a safe colleague for others?
  • Why does tolerance differ from anti-racism?
  • What does othering mean?