Part 1: What is racism and racialisation

In part one, Research Manager Shadia Rask (PhD) analyses racism and racialisation in the Finnish society. In our society, racism is ideological, internalised, structural, and common, and it occurs in interactive situations. The different forms of racism include structural racism, racism in communication, and internalised racism. Racism is built on a racist ideology.

To study the social inequality caused by racism, we need the concepts “race” and “racialisation”. Race is something that is socially and culturally produced, and racialisation is a process that precedes racism. Racism and racialisation promote and maintain a certain hierarchy between different social groups. 

Materials supporting learning

Key concepts:

  • structural racism
  • racialisation
  • stereotype
  • racist ideology
  • multiple discrimination
  • racism in communication
  • internalised racism
  • microaggression
  • “concept of race”

Read more about the key concepts.

Reflect on the following questions: 

  • What does structural racism mean?
  • What is an anonymous recruitment process like? 
  • Why is it important to talk about the concepts of race and racialisation?
  • What does Rask mean by saying that racism is a fixed part of our society and its procedures?